Robert Jones-Partner


     I have been in sales in one form or another all my life.  As a native of this area I have worked and walked land in Mecklenburg to Anson County. Many of my sales just come from my relationships with the people in my community who are ready to buy and sell on a handshake. If you know what you need I can find it, then I can find something for the seller and accomodate their 10/31 tax exchange needs.
     People know me by my  reputation and know I will always do the right thing by them.  In this industry, knowing the land, its history and owners and having a good reputation means everything. So, if you are lookingto sell a home on a little parcel, a farm, tract of timber land, or any other type of farm, home, estate or development property, I keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground.
     I keep up with every issue and I know the political issues which will help you make the right decision. Call me on my cell at

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